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It’s a family affair….

My mother Levi started Levi’s Dreads 40 years ago in Amsterdam, right from our living room at home. She discovered over the years, that more and more people were in need of advice and that hair grease, oils and pomades did not work for hair. She travelled and gained knowledge from all over the world and came back armed with a plan to do everything as natural as possible.

Levi’s various tests and experiments showed that your hair in the western climate thrived better without hair greases. This is because in her motherland of Suriname, the climate is warmer and moist and so those products do work better. But still people used it in the wrong way and would use it in their dreads. For dreads especially, any type of oils or grease makes the hair a magnet for dust. With that, Levi invented a unique method for dreadlock maintenance that does not use any product.

This method is only practiced by us.

Even though there are many methods for maintaining dreadlocks, we have discovered that this is not conducive to hair growth. Our method is tried and tested and is exceptional for dreads and the growth of your hair. Most people find the tighter, and greasier, the better but in reality it is just the opposite

Through several coaching and dreadlock maintenance techniques Levi put herself on the map and was already being addressed as The Hair Doctor. As I got older, I became more interested in hair, building customers from the age of 15 and I just grew passionate about taking over the family business. At the age of 21, I made the decision to take over the business from my mother and give it a complete makeover because of the love, knowledge and experience I had gained; I was ready. I was ready to share the ‘Natural Movement’ and so I became The Natural Hair Doctor to be able to share this knowledge on an international area. I combined my expertise with ecommerce and did a lot through social media to gain a following and create online sales.


In May 2018 the new salon was opened in Amsterdam IJburg. By collaborating with other entrepreneurs The Natural Hair Doctor is able to offer a full package in the field of hair, beauty and lifestyle. We also can became a stage for entrepreneurs in this business branch who wish to increase their network. This group has one important mutual factor: they only work with products based on natural ingredients.


This journey is just beginning and I hope you’ll join me for the ride! Please follow The Natural Hair Doctor on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.



Jahél Tam – The Natural Hair Doctor

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From Bijlmer Arena take bus 66 and get out at bus stop Peter Martensstraat (5min walk from there) / From Central Station take tram 26 and get out at the last stop Amsterdam Ijlburg (10min walk from there)

The Natural Hair Doctor

Emmy Andriessestraat 442 A
1087 NE, Amsterdam Netherlands

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