Starter locs


What is our locking method?

We invented a unique method for loc maintenance that does not use any hair product. This method has only practiced by our family for over 40 years. Even though there are many methods for maintaining locs, we have discovered that this is not conducive to hair growth. Our method is tried and tested, and is exceptional for locs and the growth of your hair without pulling it.  We don’t use any grease or wax, hook needle, rubber bands, no palm rolling, no twisting, no braiding, no interlocking and no pulling. This is because it doesn’t help your hair to grow.


How long does the treatment “Starter locs” take?

Once you have booked the appointment online, please send an email to info@thenaturalhairdoctor.com with pictures of the length of your hair.


How long does my hair need to be?

Your hair should be 3-5 cm.


What is the process?

First we make bundles of your chosen hair. 14 days after you have them done, you should return to get a FREE wash and check up treatment. In the 2nd month we recommend you to return for a loc maintenance. Within 3 months you’ll have locs!


How do I wash my locs?

We offer the service of washing your locs with our special steam wash technique. We use natural shampoos that work well with any texture of hair. Just book an appointment by clicking the ‘Book now’ button.


How often do I wash my locs?

Every 2-4 weeks depending on the condition of your scalp.


How often do I need to redo my starter locs?

Your locs should be done every 6 weeks in the first 3-6 months, to keep them strong and healthy.


How much does the treatment ‘Starter locs’?

Starter locs start from €260.


Loc maintenance



How long does a loc maintenance take?

On average it takes 60-90 minutes. If you have a lot of hair, it may take up to 2 hours.

How often should I return for a loc maintenance?

You should return for a loc maintenance every 2-3 months. If you book and return every six weeks, you receive a €25 discount every time. We highly recommend you to book immediately after your appointment, because we are often fully booked in a short time.


How much does a loc maintenance cost?




Loc extensions/Protective styles


How long does this treatment take?

The locs are made by hand, prior to your appointment. When you arrive at the salon, the whole process takes approximately 4-5 hours.


What condition does my hair need to be in?

Your hair needs to be washed and blow dried.


How long does my hair have to be?

Your hair needs to be at least 5 cm.


What kind of hair is used?

We use artificial hair. Human hair is on special request and will increase the price. Please contact info@thenaturalhairdoctor.com to discuss this.


Can I bring my own hair?

Yes, you can use your own hair but please check what type to buy. You will also need to send the hair to the salon for the locs to be made 2 weeks before your appointment.


Loc hair color

We do natural hair colouring, offered in a variety of colours. The colour will remain for 8 weeks before requiring a recolour.  We don’t use any products containing chemicals, therefore we don’t bleach the hair.


Natural hair color

We do natural hair colouring, offered in a variety of colours. The colour will remain for 8 weeks before requiring a recolour.



Natural hair styles


We offer natural hair styles such as:

  • Twists
  • Braids
  • Cornrows


The prices start from €37.



Hair analysis


What is the hair analysis and why do I need it?

We offer a hair analysis to examine the condition of your hair and scalp. We use a microscope in order to look at the hair and scalp in detail and are able to offer personal advice on treatments.



Deep Cleaning Scalp Scrub


After the advice, you will need the Deep Cleaning Scalp Scrub (DCS). The scrub is needed if you suffer from hair loss, a flaky or itchy scalp or other hair and scalp disorders. With the scrub we remove blockages, dirt and any kind of scalp build up. This is a great treatment for reactivating your hair follicles to grow stronger, healthier hair.



DCS Treatment (Deep Cleaning Scalp Treatment)


If we advise the treatment you will be treated for a total of 28 days. You will need to return to the salon every 14 days for a treatment. You can purchase the products in the salon prior to your appointment.


What can I expect after the DCS treatment?

Eight weeks after the full treatment (after 28 days) we recommend to repeat the treatment in order to stimulate the hair and keep it healthy.  You can book the whole treatment again and let us do it, or you only book a scrub treatment and a hair analysis at the end of the treatment.